Subaru 60K Mile Service Cost. I.e engine and cabin filter and tire rotation. My intent is not to start arguments over the price of each item, but rather to give you an idea about what the 60,000 mile maintenance consists of and how much i was able to find each item for (prices listed do not including shipping, if applicable).

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60,000 mile subaru recommended service. Do not miss the 60,000 mile service at carr subaru in beaverton, or. 60,000 subaru scheduled maintenance service in redwood city.

Here's The Factory Recommended Maintenance, Starting As Low As $464.95.

These 30,000 (30k), 60,000 (60k), 90,000 (90k), service recommendations are the best times to service specific parts of your vehicle based on the experience from the manufacturer. If you regularly keep to the subaru maintenance schedule at 30,000 (30k) and 60,000 (60k) and have regular oil changes, you. All subaru boxer engines vehicle kilometres service needed 10,000 or 6 months a 20,000 or 12 months b 30,000 or 18 months a 40,000 or 24 months b 50,000 or 30 months a 60,000 or 36 months c 70,000 or 42 months a 80,000 or 48 months b 90,000 or 54 months a 100,000 or 60 months d 110,000 or 66 months a 120,000 or 72 months c 130,000 or 78.

My Intent Is Not To Start Arguments Over The Price Of Each Item, But Rather To Give You An Idea About What The 60,000 Mile Maintenance Consists Of And How Much I Was Able To Find Each Item For (Prices Listed Do Not Including Shipping, If Applicable).

I know dealers are always expensive side. So the total cost i ma looking at is $948.29 (plus tax). Keep your subaru in perfect condition by following this convenient recommended scheduled maintenance.

60,000 Mile Subaru Service Schedule At San Bernardino Subaru Near Los Angeles.

Replace platinum spark plugs on 4 cylinder turbo engines during 60,000 mile service; Always make sure you choose a subaru authorized dealer that you trust to work on your vehicle. Replace engine oil, filter and drain plug washer.

60,000 (60K) Mile Service Includes:

It's just filters, plugs and fluids. Once your subaru hits 60k miles, you should schedule your 2nd major service appointment. Subaru recommended 60,000 mile service.

I Know Very Little About Cars And Usually Just Go With What The Dealership Says, But That Price Seems Pretty Crazy For Such A New Vehicle.

Subaru of america then sent me a $500 coupon good at any subaru dealer in north america. Replace fuel filter on 2004 and older vehicles only every 30,000 miles; I was charged for 2 hours of labor that my car wasn't physically at the dealership along with a few other things.