How To Uninstall Apps On Windows 10 As Administrator. How to uninstall apps on windows 10 as administrator. First, you’ll have to run command prompt as an administrator to uninstall a program.

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Type wmic, and press enter. Click the ok button when you get the confirmation dialog. Click the search and type powershell in the field.

Open The Start Menu (Press Win Key On The Keyboard) And Type Powershell.

If it is gray, it means it is a system app, which is impossible to delete. Type wmic, and press enter. To uninstall a program or app via command prompt you’ll first need to run command prompt as an administrator:

When It Comes Up In The Search Results, Right Click On It And Choose Run As Administrator.

Then, run the following commands in an elevated powershell (admin) window. Uninstall from the settings page. How to uninstall a program using powershell in windows 10/11.

Using Powershell, You Can Easily Uninstall Individual Apps In Windows 10.

Select the “command prompt” app. Uninstall an application from the command line. Run powershell as administrator in windows 10.

Then Click The Uninstall Button (3).

Repeat the same steps for the other application for which you wanted to remove run as administrator from the context menu. Download ccleaner for windows 10. Select an app you wish to uninstall from the list (1), or find an app using search (2).

Click The Ok Button When You Get The Confirmation Dialog.

If you do not see any changes after trying method 1, you may try method 2. Select start , then select settings > apps > apps & features. Next, agree the uac prompt and powershell will open in admin mode.